If I Had A Million Dollar...

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate.

The camera I have been using for the past four years, Canon 20D, is finally coming to an end. The shutter can no longer function at high speeds... Ayah (my dad) said that my years as a sport photographers contribute to it. I must say however, through it all, I've learn that I have fallen in love with capturing people and their emotions. In many ways, a portion of me is in every pictures -- it documents what I am actually seeing and how I feel. It is an extension of my eyes and my heart. Photography is a passion...

Disposable cameras were out of the question after being able to take pictures using digital cameras. It is impossible to (and I do not want to) forget the first time I picked up a digital camera and attempted to capture the way Ayah did. At that time Ayah was working very hard on his qualifying exam and I remember bothering him about teaching me how to take pictures using Aperture and Shutter setting. I can not imagine how annoying I was -- for that Ayah, I thank you forever for your patience. 

Below is my first few pictures I took using Aperture setting using our first digital camera, Canon Powershot G3. 


I have been blessed with parents who supports me in pursuing my passion. Since then, I have taken hundreds of pictures. A dream of mine is to be able to not only capture what is around me, but of what surrounds other people -- their cultures, their lives. I have been inspired by Tengku Bahar (Ayah's ex-student) and my very own Ayah to keep on photographing. As the days pass, I realize the deeper my passion of traveling to photograph becomes. 

Each and everyday, I pray that somewhere in the future, my parents, adik2, and myself will be given the chance to do our Hajj and that I will be given the opportunity to travel everywhere and anywhere.


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