In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate.

This was written at 2:30 am on a Friday night. I found the urge to write and as the Malay people say, "melayan fikiran". 

Just a heads up-- To me, the beauty of writing is the imperfection that comes with it. So, kindly pardon any grammatical and sentence structure mistakes that you may come across. I title this post "Menunggu" meaning "waiting". I like the way the Malay word sounds. Hehehe.



Reminiscing the smile that strike her eyes.

That night of the full moon.

Patiently, she awaits for his return.

And in pursuit of happiness, she prays.

Kneeling on the prayer mat,

Raising her hand,

She recites to You.

"I seek refuge in you to shelter his safety.

Return to me an answer. 

A sign. 

That his return is nearby."

Where does she go from here.

During this night of silence.

Enclose in this loneliness.

She compiles together the words of her heart.

Late tonight.

Hoping to ignore how much she yearns for his touch.

Pondering into the night.

As her eyes slowly blinks.

On the verge of dreaming.

She wonders,

Will she still feel his touch when the night falls.

When the moon sets and dawn breaks,

Will she still remember.

The smile that once strike her eyes.

That night of the full moon. (c)atiqahk

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