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The Minister of Health opened the 7th Asian Pacific Congress in Hypertension yesterday in KL. In his opening address, he quoted the National Morbidity and Mortality Health Survey 2006, which found the incidence of hypertension among Malaysians 30 years and above to be about 43%, a 10% increase from 1995. He was also quoted as saying that of those on treatment, 26% achieved control, a figure I find had to believe. It may have been a miss quote. In an almost identical UK Health Survey 2006, the incidence of hypertension is about 60%, and about 21-22% are controlled. For those detected, about 40% are on treatment and for those on treatment, about half are controlled. I still have not seen the Malaysian National Morbidity and Mortality Health Survey data in Medical literature, so I do not know if the honorable Minister had been misquoted.
Be that as it may, the important message that I would like to highlight is the
Hypertension is a silent and often serious problem. It can be prevented with diet ( less or no salt ), greens and fruits, and control of weight with a BMI of 24 and a waistline of 34inches for males. Exercises also helps. Early detection is vital. All above 40yrs should go for a medical check-up to ascertain your health status. That I think would be reasonable. 

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