Peace be upon you.

I wrote this while waiting for my next flight out from LAX...


On my way back to embark on a new journey -- this time as a sponsored, independently living student.

Flight got delayed and now I am stuck in LAX international airport... Thank you China Southern Airline for your accommodation and willingness to book me next flight out for free -- though your inflight service wasn't the greatest (as compared to MAS or Singaporean).

Got three more hours before i check in and hope that i arrive without anymore delays and rescheduling. He will keep on testing me, but alhamdulilah, nothing thus far is that I cannot bare with a little of hope, faith, and strength.

Basically i am writing this to send my love to Rumah KD... I miss you all like craziness and whenever you guys come to my mind, my heart sends a little message of tears full of "kerinduan" and love. But i'll be home soon insha'Allah :)

if only i could just smoosh them into my luggages.

Oh Allah, please take care of them for me. Panjangkan la umur2 dan murahkan rezeki keluarga sayangiku. Test them not on what they cannot bare, and bless them with Your mercies, forgiveness, and love.

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