vibrantly soft

the sun whispers goodbye for today,
vibrantly yet softly.
watching it fade,
she caught herself thinking,
how vibrant,
yet soft,
is her love for you.

stars slowly shining,
lighting the night sky,
she whispered to the wind,
"blow this love in his direction."
wind passes by,
"one more thing",
she utters from afar.
"send to him one message",
"i love you and i will see you tomorrow."

the wind smiles,
leaving her,
w/ her fingers crossed behind her back.


  1. mau bertanya.. always come across it but dun know the meaning.. fingers crossed tu maksudnya ape?

  2. basically, it means that you are hoping for a positive outcome.

  3. beautiful words of yours..i like the way you use the nature to interact with your makes it interesting..