sana halwa

happy birthday, atiqah.

starting today,

-five times a day, prostrate to Him, love Him, seek Him, cry to Him. Life isn't getting any easier the more stronger you strengthen your faith. It's a hardship and it is only so because He loves you like His awliya'. Imam al-Ghazali stated, "If you see Him, Mighty and Magnificent, holding back this world from you, frequently trying you with adversity and tribulation, know that you hold a great status with Him. Know that He is dealing with you as He does with His Awliya' and chosen elitie, and is watching over you." And forget not that, "Verily with hardship comes ease." (94:6)

-be more thankful and grateful for what you have. and help others in need. remember hadith 38 of imam an-nawawi's.

-fear not and stop waiting for other's to love you first. just love for the sake of Allah.

-spend more time at the masjid.

-visit the sick more often.

-share your rezk. food always tasted better after that!

-smile, smile, smile, and smile. it makes you feel better and it makes others feel better.

-learn to cook. people love your mother's cooking, so much. take advantage of learning from her, the best chef in your life.

-seek you father's knowledge and wisdom for it is abundance!

-take more pictures of others and you. one day it'll be a perfect storybook.

-get in touch with all your past teachers. these are the people that made you who you are today.

-keep writing, because that's the only way you know how to express yourself.

-be with around little kids more. not only will your imagination grow, but you will stay away from all the negativity.

-lastly, fall in love. life always seemed a whole lot better when you can share your happiness. after all, sharing is caring.

ya'Allah ya tuhanku. jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yg melabuhkan cintanya pada-Mu agar bertambah kekuatan ku untuk mencintai-Mu. amiin ya rabb al-amin.


  1. selamat hari lahir! May God bless you.

  2. selamat hari lahir to u atiqah:D
    learn to cook and cepat2 la fall in love ye?

  3. point yg ke 7 tu mmg penting tu..ppuan tak reti nak masak...parah tu...hehe