the perfection of imperfection

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful.

what is it that we look for in perfection?
sometimes, we search for far away,
too far away,
that we miss the perfection that is in front of our eyes.

define perfection.
For what is perfection in someone if they still make mistakes?
What is perfection in this world,
when some of the branches on the trees lack leaves,
when the drosophila's twin of eyeless gene is mutated,
when the clouds are unevenly scattered throughout the sky.

Maybe it is these imperfections that make everything perfect because no one but He is perfect.

So open your eyes, see the imperfection,
Look not too far away,
For you may miss what is in front of you.
The love, the knowledge, the beauty, the wisdom,
that He has blessed upon you.
Doubt not on His perfection.

"Hidup tidak selalunya indah, langit tidak selalu cerah, suram malam tidak berbintang. Itulah lukisan alam. Begitula aturan Tuhan."

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