Love sick

Ever wondered why so many people write about love?
Is it because our life is love? Or is love life?
Did the past shape the future?
Will the future come sooner than later?
Has the writer fallen in love?
Is the writer in love?
Will the writer find love?

What is it that we seek from love?
Is it the smiles that come with tears?
Does the feeling of being faithful brings out the best of us?

Have we gone love sick?
From the distance we feel.
Have we fallen out of love?
From the silence that traps the heart.

Every time I try to write a decent blogs, it turns into something like this... Maybe I just do not have the talent to blog or write in general, but all I know is that for as long as my feelings are trapped, words will overflow into the screen. And I am nothing but the love I can genuinely give.


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