Summer2009 Picture Diary

In the name of God, most Merciful, most Beneficent.

There is a certain beauty to me about capturing the little things in life that may not matter to at the moment, even a messy bedroom or a study table. It is these pictures that will one day become MY completed magical storybook.

I do hope that those who follows my blog enjoy looking at the pictures just as much as I enjoyed capturing them. xxx

My baby brothers' graduation lunch with the family. Yummmmyyyliciousss.

I am a 19-year old who absolutely still loooove going to the zoo :)

By far one of the best family camping trip (Mammoth Cave was the other one).

One day I will go back there. It is SUCH a beautiful place - peaceful and serene.

If it didn't cost $120 one-way trip for the six of us, we would have hopped on the train for the Chicago's 4th of July firework.

Instead, we decided to go up Mount Baldy and spent the rest of the day barefooted on the soft sand.

Minus the big, ugly factory, it was an ABSOLUTELY beautiful scene. The wind was so calming and smelled to pure... I have never felt soat peace. Clearly, I am not a city girl.

This is a result a little something called "procrastination" which resulted into studying for seven straight hours for my A215: Basic Human Anatomy summer class. The seven straight hours paid of, alhamdulilah.

A combination of straight up boredom, tired of studying histology, and not liking the feeling of distant.

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadan :)

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