awe-inspiring summer days

In the name of God, most Merciful, most Beneficent.

Summer of 2009 was one of the liveliest summer on this beautiful, small campus -- filled with little future basketball players, honorary boy scouts, international business scholars, and students with big aspirations.

Summer of 2009 was one filled of road trips and mission trips for many with the hope of exploring and spreading love.

Summer of 2009 was not like any other summer days in Bloomington, Indiana.

It was a summer filled with adventures and learning. I have big aspirations -- to travel the world, to capture people's life through my lens, to show my gratefulness of my life by paying it forward, and to fall in love.

Despite taking two summer classes (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed) ,

--> I got to travel the world...

But through the eyes of other people and their pictures.

--> I got to capture people's life through my lens...

The memories that will one day become a part of a magical storybook.

--> I got to pay it forward...

Here in my very own town.

--> I fell in love...

With everything that life has granted me because no matter how hard you try to plan for your life, something, someone will change everything.

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