life with Love

the beauty of life is nonexistence without the presences of Love.
in the simplest of things,
we begin to appreciate,
whether it is rice on the plate in front of you,
water dripping from the sky above,
essences of the morning mist and the sensation of the sun when it touches the skin,
the breeze of night time,
of the presence of the person in front of you,
voices that comforts you,
the intelligence of a stranger who brings nighttime and daytime together.
 indeed, the beauty of life is just nonexistence without the presences of Love.
and she has come to realize that being a thousand and one miles apart from,

the six that life is worth living for,
the six that keeps her going,
it is Love that hears of the words spoken while she sleeps,
the prayers that is uttered while she studies,
the praise she recites in the beautiful stumble blocks of life.

-in peace&with Love-

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