unspoken feeling

 in His name, most Gracious, most Merciful

watch me walk, far in distance from your side.
hear me utter the words of love, that is only of sound to your ears.
feel my touch, only caressing a passing by sensation.

embark with me a journey for the Garden of sweets, for if you wish.
but hate me not, if i've walked too far into the light. 
wasting no time, i wait not for you to leave,
what was behind, a feeling that you should have been left long ago.
for when a golden band, shine brightly on the finger that leads to the heart, 
reflecting my heart and my face,
that time has come when my shadows can't be seen nor follow,
becoming only an image you imagine from afar.

Allah says, "I have planned for my pious servants what no eye has seen before, what no ear has heard before, and what no one has imagined." [hadith Qudsi]

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