Peace be upon you.

I never found the right words to finish this feeling that I was attempting to express. It makes me wonder if it just wasn't meant to be shared. Nonetheless, I will share it. Maybe another reader would be inspired from it. Ma'salaama.

"Crying is a state of the heart"

Walking up the stairs of His house,
My heart trembled.
For there are so many adversities in this world,
To endure with patience.
A strength that is of existence deep in the weak.

Seven bones touched the ground,
Tears quickly fall to the floor.
In silence, my whispers are only between me and Him.
Returning back up...


  1. short and simple but nicely written. so returning back up was supposed to be the end of your expression right? or is not?

  2. Don't need to cry =)

  3. @AkemalH- you gave a very good idea. "retuning back up" could be the end of my expression. thanks :)

    @anonymous- thanks! but crying is a state of the heart... my mother shared this with me a few months ago."(Weeping) is the mercy that He has placed in the hearts of His servants. And surely He bestows mercy upon those who are merciful (to others)."-Prophet Muhammad

  4. but just don't make a new river because of that. =)