oh my reader

this one is for you,
my reader.

these words will not be of shakespeare's,
but words of my heart.
ones that will speak without hesitations.

how many times a day,
do you, oh my reader,
come across my mind.

will you ever know the secret,
hidden in these words,
appearing on the screen before you.

each thoughts translate itself,
into a million words,
each words convert itself,
into a unmeasurable,
feeling of compassion.


  1. hahaha. if i tell u, then i'd have to kill u :-p
    that's why it's called a secret.

  2. woa! kill me? mmg big secret la then. :P

    *i suggest u watch spongebob tajuk "secret box." ^.^

  3. hahaha nah. no big secret at all.
    i don't like spongebob but that episode makes me laugh!!