11 years.

In His name, most Gracious, most Compassionate.

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog. A lot has happened since January 14... for one, the weather here is having an identity crisis. One minute it will be sunny and warm, the next it will be gloomy and snowing. Nonetheless, subhan'Allah.

I finally have the time to share my past week experience. Last week, as I was in class, I got a notification on Facebook saying that an old friend of mine has tagged me in a picture from 11 years ago. Though I wasn't in the picture, a lot of my childhood friends were in it. After 11 years of not being in touch, I finally got in touch with the "bestest" friends a little girl could have asked for. We would talk forever online, reminiscing and catching up with each other. Prior to this tagged picture, I was only in contact with a few of my friends who were fortunate enough to have internet. But as the country's internet technology improve and some of them leaving to obtain an education overseas, Facebook has reconnected us. I cannot be more thankful, alhamdulilah.

Also last week, after 11 years growing up with my parents' long friend from their undergraduate years, "uncle" finally left for home after 25 years. After a long past few months of struggle with health and financial crisis, we finally managed to get him home, where he belongs and where he can get the best treatments. Insha'allah he will get better soon and that my parents' friendship will never die off. This same event also made me realize what true friends are made up of... and I have began to wonder who MY true friends are. I cannot be more thankful, alhamdulilah.

11 years of growing up. 11 years of maturing. 11 years of tears. 11 years of laughters. 11 years of blessings. 11 years of praise to the Lord I owe.

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