Class of 2013

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful.

Days fly by,
Boys matures to men,
Education morphs to knowledge,
This week we celebrated two men walking the walk,
Shaking the hands of their educators,
Receiving an honor of knowledge.
Proud smiles of their parents in the audience,
Late nights and early mornings prayers answered,
That brings joy and warmth to their parents heart.

Congratulations to both my little brothers :) May Allah continue to bless you with all the knowledge in this World and in the HereAfter, as well as happiness.

A little note from the older sister ---

I was sitting in the audience, tears came to my eyes... And little did I realize that this day has come. I have watched and have grown with both of this boys. Both have gone through a lot and trust me, have matured a lot. Alhamdulilah. The smiles and laughter that filled both days was something I am never ever going to forget. The happiness in them, in my parents, in the crowd, and in me made me tear up. Yes, silly, I know... but what can I do? It's an older sister thing... Though at times, my love is a little tough, I guess it's part of being not only the eldest, but the older sister.

I pray that both of them will continue to always remember Allah, who without His help, this day would have never come, and Ibu and Ayah, who without their prayers and love, this day would not have been filled with happiness.

I love you both forever and ever. Now go and rock the world like you know how to!

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